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Whenever someone asks me if the fish are biting, I reply, "The fish are always biting. Fish are like people: they have to eat!" However, sometimes finding a school of hungry fish can be difficult. Below are some friendly guides who know how to do exactly that! They have reported several successful Bluegill fishing trips using The Bimbo Skunk lure. If pursuing fish in their boat with The Bimbo Skunk lure sounds like the experience for you, feel free to explore their websites and contact them using the links below.

2709 High View Lane
New Albin, IA 52160
(563) 544-4611
(319) 327-2783 - Mobile

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Cap'n Ted's Webpage

**Ted offers a discount for services to those bringing children along for the trip. I can say from experience that there is no better way to provide a youngster with a memorable outdoor adventure than catching a huge mess of Bluegills with the Bimbo Skunk lure!

231 Carbil Rd.
Muscoda, WI 53573
(608) 574-1580

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Capt. John Bomkamp's Webpage

**John offers a discount on gift certificates. Imagine how excited your loved one would be to receive a guided trip and a bundle of Bimbo Skunk lures for their birthday, anniversary, or other special day!

Caleb Pocernich
(715) 296-3577

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Caleb's Facebook Page

**Caleb is is a member of the armed forces who offers a discount to all men and women of the armed forces.

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